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TipiChain is a company that rents and sell small portable eco-houses similar to a caravan but with a look and feel of a bungalow.

We operate all over Lebanon, however a deposit for first time customers may be required. and we reserve the right to decline a customer request. 

A TIPI includes a double size bed, a full bathroom with shower and sink. a sofa bed and a side bar with stools. Plus it’s own water tank and sewers tank with grinding motor. You just need to plugin the power supply.

A minimum period of two days is required, you can rent for as many days as you wish.

Delivery charges are free for periods exceeding 4 days. Otherwise, a fee of $25 per unit will apply.

The Tipi comes on a base with wheels, therefore we can park it on any flat surface.

Tipi is a caravan on wheel therefore, a permit license is not required, but we do advise you to check with your local municipality.

Yes, a deposit is required for first time renters.

You must be 21 or older to rent a Tipi or you need a parent or legal custodian to sign on your behalf.

The Tipi comes with all required utilities such as water tank, septic tank and electrical plugin. You just have to simply fill the water tank, and plug-in your electricity.

The Tipi is 4 meters in width, and 5 meters in length, and 2.2 meters in height  (4m*5m*2.2m). It is the renter’s responsibility to make sure the road and location is wide enough for the Tipi to pass thru and be installed.

You are welcome to buy a share or shares and enjoy the rewards by sharing annual profits. Please read our business plan for further details.

There is a total of 1,000 shares of which 40% are reserved for the company and 60% are offered for investment.

Every shareholder has the right to vote on major decisions we make available to the partners. Such instances decisions to operate overseas, etc…

You have the full right to transfer or sell your shares to any third party.

After the company starts operating, the first dividends payout will be on the last fiscal year of operations. and quarterly thereafter.

When buying TipiChain shares you will receive an instant voucher for the same investment amount to use when TipiChain has been launched. It’s that simple and has no hidden fees or fine print. Your shares will still be yours to earn you profits and you will still be our partner even after using your voucher. However, it must be noted that:

  1. we give priority to customers for rental availability.
  2. Shareholders can use their voucher for a maximum of two days of rental per year.

For example, if You invested $5,000, we will instantly refund your paid amount with a gift card voucher equal to the same amount which was $5,000. You can use this gift voucher to rent a TipiChain bungalow when launched. 

Please read TipiChain’s business plan…

Our plan is to manufacture 100 units, but if the market allows, we could increase that number.

Login to your account, and click on NFT Wallet, from there you can see your NFT shares, which you can transfer to any wallet supporting Polygon ERC721 protocol.

If you selected an Ethereum Blockchain, please copy your address and verify it on etherescan.io

If you selected a BNB Smart Chain, please copy your address and verify it on bscscan.com

Yes, this is your wallet, you may export the private key to any wallet supporting the Polygon ERC721 protocol.

You can see all transactions related to TIPI NFT Shares on the Polygon Blockchain contract address: 0xAF57bC5D24EccF89B454843a3C0628a228B002d4
Confirmation: polygonscan.com (click Here)

TipiChain a branch of Dream House, ME., the leading company in the design and construction of prefabricated homes that has carried out several projects on various Lebanese territories…
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