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TipiChain Portable Bungalow
TipiChain aims to launch a new project that carries with it a new tourism approach that is expected to be an attractive project for the tourist and the investor. It is the TipiChain project for renting small mobile eco houses so that they can be installed in any coastal or mountainous place according to the customer’s desire within a few hours. To implement the idea of this project, TIPICHAIN will establish a joint stock company with only 250 shares of which 100 will be available to investors. Please click here to read the business plan…

Risk-Free Investment
When buying TipiChain shares you will receive an instant voucher for the same investment amount to use when TipiChain has been launched. It’s that simple and has no hidden fees or fine print. Your shares will still be yours to earn you profits and you will still be our partner even after using your voucher. However, it must be noted that:

  1. We give priority to customers for rental availability.
  2. Transportation and installation charges are paid by the shareholder.
  3. Shareholders can use their voucher for a maximum of two days of rental per year.

Please click here to buy your first share